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Wounded Warrior Ascents

Next Operation - Mount Aconcagua








About Wounded Warrior Ascents...

For Injured Veterans Wanting to Climb Mountains Wordwide.

WWA.jpgWho is Wounded Warrior Ascents (WWA)?

In 2009, a team of Warriors wounded in the Global War on Terrorism overcame devastating combat injuries and successfully summitted 20,320 ft Denali, the highest mountain in North America, symbolizing the strength of our Nation and those who defend it. The climb was called "Operation Denali" and it taught the importance of helping our fellow wounded achieve their ‘high altitude’ dreams. This operation was founded by Marc Hoffmeister. See more about Marc on National Geographic.






From our experience building, training, and leading this team, we’ve committed ourselves to continuing that path and created WWA to achieve our mission.  Learn more about WWA at www.WoundedWarriorAscents.org and on Facebook.









WWA Mission: 

Wounded Warrior Ascents enables warriors wounded in defense of our Nation to overcome their combat injuries, both physical and invisible, in order to redefine their ‘new normal’ through pursuit of adaptive mountaineering and endurance sports competition.







WWA Objectives:

1.  To raise awareness of the sacrifices our severely injured Service Members and their Families in order to enable their long term recovery and successful pursuit of their dreams.

2.  To work together with our fellow wounded to overcome our physical limitations and achieve goals that seem insurmountable because of the impact of our injuries on our lives.

3.  To provide mentoring, resources, and network to recovering Heroes to help them in pursuit of their athletic goals in mountaineering and endurance competition.

4.  To demonstrate by performance and example that no obstacle is so great that the human spirit cannot overcome it.











Our Next Operation - Mount Aconcagua:

Warriors wounded in the Global War on Terror support their spouses they summit the highest point in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua, 22,841ft in recognition of the personal sacrifices their ‘Warrior Wives’ have made in support of their Warrior in the battle to overcome devastating combat injuries.

Aconcagua (Spanish pronunciation: [akoŋˈkaɣwa]) is the highest mountain in the Americas at 6,959 m (22,841 ft).[1] It is located in the Andes mountain range, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and lies 112 kilometres (70 mi) west by north of its capital, the city of Mendoza. The summit is also located about 5 kilometres from San Juan Province and 15 kilometres from the international border with Chile. Aconcagua is the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres. It is one of the Seven Summits.

Aconcagua is bounded by the Valle de las Vacas to the north and east and the Valle de los Horcones Inferior to the West and South. The mountain and its surroundings are part of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. The mountain has a number of glaciers. The largest glacier is the Ventisquero Horcones Inferior at about 10 km long, which descends from the south face to about 3600 m altitude near the Confluencia camp.[3] Two other large glacier systems are the Ventisquero de las Vacas Sur and Glaciar Este/Ventisquero Relinchos system at about 5 km long. However, the most well-known is the north-eastern or Polish Glacier, a common route of ascent.








WWA Operation Mount Aconcagua Objectives:

1.  To raise awareness of the sacrifices the families who enable the long term recovery and sustainment of our severely injured.

2.  To raise awareness of the essential contributions of non medical attendants to the recovery of our combat wounded.

3.  To recognize and give back to those unsung heroes, our spouses, who gave so much to bring us back to health, yet hovered behind the scenes while their warrior received medals and praise for his actions

4.  To continue to work together as a couple to overcome our physical limitations and achieve a common goal.

5.  To demonstrate by performance and example that no obstacle is so great that the human spirit cannot overcome it.









“Gayle is my inspiration.  Without her commitment to our relationship and her support through my recovery, I would never have been able to return to active duty service.  This climb is about giving back to her and other women like her, to put them in the spotlight for incredible sacrifices they have made to support their warrior and get us back in the fight."

Marc  Hoffmeister, Operation Denali and WWA




How to Contribute to Wounded Warrior Ascents' Next Climb:  

Make a cash donation by check or money order payable to “Operation Never Forgotten" noted, “For WWA.”  Any amount is appreciated! Please include your email or street address to receive a non-profit contribution receipt for your tax records. WWA under ONF is a 501(c) (3) organization. Your check can be mailed to:

Kelly / Hoffmeister
610 Upper Pass Road
Manhattan, MT 59741

Contact Wounded Warrior Ascents:

Find out about the next climbing expedition and if you qualify to join the WWA mountaineering team for the next ascent by emailing Marc Hoffmeister.    


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